Why RMMmax Chocolatey Management Tool is better than all others.

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Many RMM platforms and 3rd party vendors speak about how they support Chocolatey, but they do not go into any detail. There is a reason for this, anyone can write a script to execute Chocolatey on an agent computer system, pass it a package name and wait as it attempts the install. It is also just as simple to have the script run regularly with the update all commands and hope that does the job.

What they are not telling you is that it only works as designed if there are one or two agents at any given location. Any more than that and their scripts fail and their support for Chocolatey drops to nothing.

As an MSP, this kind of solution does not meet the standards or expectations you require to provide a constant and valued service. This is why RMMmax is the most popular Chocolatey Management tool integrated into today’s RMM platforms.

RMMmax’s Chocolatey Management Tool is an actual visual Chocolatey management tool that integrates directly into your existing RMM environment. It provides views of the status of each agent and allows complete management over the Chocolatey framework.

How are we different?

Chocolatey is a %100 free community-based service with limitations, but Chocolatey.org also sells licenses for business and MSP usage that start at $16+ a year or a little over $1.30 per month per agent to drop the limitations and provide some added features. This is what you would need to pay Chocolatey to allow more than the two agents a network the chocolatey repository provides by default. With clients that have a few hundred agents at any given location this can get expensive at over $100 per month in fees. RMMmax solves that issue and several more.

With RMMmax you could do the same thing as all other vendors do and have all agents go directly to the Chocolatey repository for all installs and upgrade and get similar results or with RMMmax, let us do all the leg work for you and save you the cost of Chocolatey Business licensing.

RMMmax’s Chocolatey Management Tool offers a complete solution to collect, store and update locally operated SMB source locations for all the Chocolatey software packages the MSP wants to provide their customers. This is done with a simple share and a few clicks of a button. The MSP is not required to maintain the local cache as RMMmax has it all handled for you. RMMmax will schedule regular tests against the local cache to verify all files are up to date with the community repository. All agents are automatically redirected to this cache which prevents any lockouts from Chocolatey.org for that location.

You need more control over your package delivery, do you want to also update LOB applications and premium software? RMMmax has you covered, with source control management functions you can manage the repository settings of any agent. These features allow you to maintain a list of available source repositories and distribute these sources down to the agents. You can set different settings for different agents or clients. You can host your own repositories on the internet and have agents use these repositories over the community repositories.

With RMMMax you’re in the driver’s seat!