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Get more out of your RMM platform

RMMmax is an expanded toolbox for remote monitor and management services platforms.
Get more out of your RMM by maximizing your environment with RMMmax.

Power up your RMM platform with these popular tools!

We support Windows Defender, BleachBit, Chocolatey, SurfLog, BitLocker, YUM and Apt-get

RMMmax makes the most out of your platform, tools, and time.

We support RMM platforms like Datto RMM, Tactical RMM, Conectwise Automate and ScreenConnect.

RMMmax Advantage

RMMmax does not deploy any agents outside of the RMM platform, Instead RMMmax connects only to the existing RMM platform via APIs provided by the platform. So how do we do it?

Interacting with agents of a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform through the RMM platform’s APIs offers several advantages over deploying a secondary agent that interacts outside of the RMM platform. Here are a few reasons why using the RMM platform’s APIs are better:

  1. Centralized Management: RMM platforms are designed to centralize all IT management tasks, making it easier to monitor and control various aspects of an IT infrastructure. By interacting with agents through the RMM platform’s APIs, all management tasks can be performed from a single interface. Deploying a secondary agent outside the RMM platform adds complexity and introduces a separate management system, leading to a fragmented and inefficient approach to IT management.

  2. Seamless Integration: RMM platforms offer APIs to allow for seamless integration with other systems and tools. This means that by interacting with agents through the RMM platform’s APIs, you can easily integrate with other IT management tools, service desk platforms, automation frameworks, reporting systems, and more. This integration helps in streamlining processes, automating tasks, and ensuring consistent data flows across different systems.

  3. Enhanced Security: RMM platforms often implement advanced security measures to safeguard IT infrastructure. By utilizing the RMM platform’s APIs, the communication between agents and the platform can be secured using encryption, authentication mechanisms, and other security practices implemented by the platform. Deploying a secondary agent may introduce potential vulnerabilities since it bypasses the built-in security measures of the RMM platform.

  4. Performance Optimization: RMM platforms are specifically designed to handle various monitoring and management tasks efficiently. By utilizing the platform’s APIs, you can leverage its optimized architecture and infrastructure, leading to better performance and scalability. On the contrary, deploying a secondary agent outside the RMM platform may introduce additional overhead and can negatively impact performance, especially in larger environments.

  5. Simplified Maintenance: RMM platforms often provide centralized patching, updating, and maintenance capabilities for agents. By interacting through the platform’s APIs, these maintenance tasks can be easily performed across all agents from a single point of control. When using a secondary agent, you would need to manage its maintenance separately, resulting in additional effort and potential inconsistencies in updates or patches.

Overall, interacting with agents through the RMM platform’s APIs not only ensures a more streamlined and efficient approach to IT management but also leverages the built-in capabilities and security measures of the RMM platform.

Service Management Consoles

windows Defender Antivirus

Windows Defender Antivirus

Microsoft Defender is the simple way to protect your digital life and all of your devices. RMMmax provides the ability to manage exclusions and configuration settings across each client providing a uniform policy. Scan all agents across your client with a single click.

Linux Updates using YUM and Apt Get

Linux Updates using YUM & Apt-Get

Manage Linux Updates with ease! Scan all you Linux agents for available updates and return lists of available updates. View what versions they updating to and what version they are replacing. Schedule automated updates or run manual updates all from one interface.

Chocolatey Software Management

Chocolatey Software Management

Chocolatey automates software lifecycles from install through upgrade and removal on any Windows operating systems. RMMmax simplifies the complex process through a single interface allowing you to control the chaos.

BleachBit Drive Space Management

BleachBit Drive Space Management

Scan and monitor wasted drive space across each client, Setup automated cleaning or manually clean at the client and agent levels. Regain gigabytes of drive space across each client on a regular bases.

Microsoft BitLocker Management

Microsoft BitLocker Management

Because you don’t have laptop users, you don’t need BitLocker disk encryption in your organization. What about the security relevant data that is stored on every system disk? Password hashes for example. Once an attacker has physical access to one of your company‚Äôs system disks, this opens a variety of ways to attack your whole network.

SurfLog Web Activity Analyzer

SurfLog Web Activity Analyzer

Capture and manage the active web usage of each client. View the peek volume times, browser types, user profile and protocol usages stats. Report and export raw usage logs.

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Who We Are

We’re passionate about maximizing your environment.

The RMM vendors platform is no longer the defining factor on what tools and services are at hand to manage your environment.

  • Switch RMM vendors and keep your tools
  • No need to disrupt client management
  • Maintain tools that bring value to your customers

What We Do

RMMmax companion console brings you new functions and tools.

Imagine being able to add new functions and tools independent of the existing RMM platform. RMMmax functions and tools can be used inside these RMM environment.

  • ConnectWise Automate or ConnectWise Control
  • Datto RMM
  • Tactical RMM (TRMM)
new functions and tools

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