Get more out of your RMM platform

RMMmax is an expanded toolbox for remote monitor and management services platforms.
Get more out of your RMM by maximizing your environment with RMMmax.

Do you use these tools with your MSP Service?

RMMmax makes the most out of your platform, tools, and time

RMMmax Advantage

Chocolatey, BitLocker, BleachBit, Windows Defender and SurfLog management interfaces

I’m loving your ambition, don’t ever lose it

Who We Are

We’re passionate about maximizing your environment.

The RMM vendors platform is no longer the defining factor on what tools and services are at hand to manage your environment.

  • Switch RMM vendors and keep your tools
  • No need to disrupt client management
  • Maintain tools that bring value to your customers

What We Do

RMMmax companion console brings you new functions and tools.

Imagine being able to add new functions and tools independent of the existing RMM platform. RMMmax functions and tools can be used inside these RMM environment.

  • ConnectWise Automate or ConnectWise Control
  • Datto RMM
  • Tactical RMM (TRMM)
I’m loving your ambition, don’t ever lose it

Meet Our Team

Well known in the MSP market space with years of experience

Jeff Brock

CEO – Operations

David Miller

Sales and Marketing

Shannon Anderson


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Get More With RMMmax

How a MSP can leverage the Tools for a RMM or RAT environment

Take a coffee break

RMMMax is on the job, automating common tasks so you don’t have to.

Settings made easy

With a few quick setting you will be on your way to maximizing the environment.

Get connected

We make interfacing with your RMM platform simple and secure.

Document community

The RMMmax Help Center is a community of MSP involvement.

Slow down help desk calls

Being proactive helps prevent help desk calls, with RMMmax we have proactive built in.

Secure encrypted storage

RMMmax uses encrypted data fields to house sensitive data.

Available everywhere

Access RMMmax from anywhere on any device.

Print and save your data

Get your data out of RMMmax and in to the hands of the people that need it.

Cost saving subscriptions

RMMmax has tiered pricing plans that fits any size MSP

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Empower your RMM with the tools it needs to succeed