RMMmax Support For Linux Is Here

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Thanks to the work of the RMMmax Dev team we are happy to announce support for non Windows OS devices in the RMMmax console. Windows, Mac or Linux, they have software to manage and updates to preform, we at RMMmax have embraced that! Today we are announcing that as of build 1.0.39 Linux agent support is now available.

Our first tool for the Linux operating systems is the Linux Update Manager tool. It is a close cousin to our Chocolatey Package Manager tool for Windows in that it will manage the installs and updates using the package managers native to the Linux OS. In our current version of the Linux Update Manager we support both Debian and RedHat Enterprise (RHEL) distribution types. These distributions includes many of the more main stream Linux titles like Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL, CentOS and Rocky. The Linux Update Manager tool will allow you to capture the daily status of updates. We collect what packages are in need of an update, what the versions of the packages are and what versions of the packages the agent is currently using are. The tool allows you to automate the the update process and provides scheduling to help fit your update policies. You can use the tool to distribute new software across one or many Linux agents and across different Linux distributions with a single click. This is great when you want to make sure that all agents selected get the same software installed. Get better visibility into your Linux agents and make managing them quick and easy with our Linux Update manager.

If you or your MSP struggles with managing Linux agents then see how easy and simple our tools make managing your environments.