How a MSP can leverage the Tools for a RMM or RAT environment

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RMMMax is a RMM companion console that brings new functions and tools that can be used inside any RMM environment. With RMMmax you get an added layer of functionality added to your RMM (Remote Manage & Monitor) or RAT (Remote Access Tools) environment, allowing you to provide extra value to your customers and easier access to the tools your support teams need to be most effective.

RMMmax adds unique abilities to your RMM platform that most vendors don’t have time to develop and support. The RMMmax toolbox integrates with your existing environment adding new features and functions to allow you to have more flexibility and control over the environment.

Enhanced Chocolatey Application Manager, SurfLog Web Usage Manager, Extended BitLocker Manager, Windows Defender Managers and BleachBit Manager are just the beginning, and with many more tools coming down the tool pipeline. All tools integrating directly into your environment with ease. Enable the tools and away they go!